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A leading provider of extensive composting systems

for biosolids and organic waste

Infiniterra provides life back into the environment

What are Biosolids?

Are biosolids Beneficial for the communities?

How Does Infiniterra Solutions Work?

Earth Care

Creating a healthy and sustainable Earth through soil reconditioning


Producing value from organic waste

Fresh Air

Caring for air quality through odor free production


Assisting to maintain a healthy landscape


Recycling organic waste today for a better tomorrow

Climate Change

Reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases

Experience a New Perspective

The Key Elements of Infiniterra Solutions

Biofilter System

Biofilter system is the least expensive treatment option for the odor compounds associated with composting by reducing sulfur compounds and amines, and a wide range of volatile organic compounds and ammonia. Biofilter system is the most common method of odor control in the composting industry.

Composting In An Aerated Channel

The material undergoes active composting in a concrete channel, which is equipped with individual airflow systems on the bottom. Temperature levels are monitored to accelerate decomposition. The compost is turned by our automated RotoKing® technology to further agitate and aerate the mixture.

RotoKing® Compost Turner

Our RotoKing® compost turners are optimally designed for the efficient composting of organic waste and are used by municipalities, as well as farms throughout Canada, USA and Europe. The controls on the RotoKing® biosolids management system allow for bridge travel, drum control and overall system controls. While easy to use and operate, this panel allows for great flexibility and versatility.

Trommel Screener Package

Our trommel screeners are highly efficient in the separation and processing of woodchips, topsoil, compost, light demolition waste, domestic waste and aggregates. Their rotating drums roll larger pieces of material to allow for all fine materials to flow down through the trommel screen plates.

Our Partnerships

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